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Our Story

Food is magical and our farms should be too. 

Shine and Rise is built on the concept that growing food should make the world a better place. We knew we wanted to raise food that made people and our planet smile so we designed a farm that would provide delicious food while helping to enhance our natural resources and community. 

We grow a bit of everything because that is how a healthy ecosystem functions. The animals feed the soil, which feed the crops, which feed our customers and the animals. A balanced farm like a balanced ecosystem is good for our planet and it puts a smile on your face.

At the field you will find fruit and nut crops, beautiful heirloom vegetables, free-range chickens, ducks and turkeys, mushrooms, and a sassy pony. 

We pride ourselves on providing chemical free, nutritious, and exciting foods for your table in a way that helps heal our planet. 

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